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Friday, July 9, 2021

MLB Jersey Madness

 Hi everyone - 

A few days ago, over on Facebook, we started a fun little thing called "Jersey Madness". 

We started with 64 MLB jerseys and every day we are asking people to choose their favourite between two jerseys - we're asking you to choose your favourite design, not your favourite team! After 63 days, we'll be down to one fan favourite MLB jersey - our inaugural winner of MLB Jersey Madness. Then we'll do an NFL and NHL Jersey Madness poll.

Here's where you vote for your choice every day - remember that you're voting for which jersey you like best: VOTE HERE . Feel free to bookmark it and vote in the new poll every day, or subscribe to our Facebook page and get notified each time we post a new poll.

Remember that because we are voting daily, you can't go back and vote in a previous day's poll - sorry about that. But you can vote every day from now on until we decide what MLB jersey reigns supreme! 

Here's the bracket:

You might be interested to see which jerseys have won so far:

Day 1: The 1964 New York Mets jersey beat the 2007 Arizona Diamondbacks jersey.

Day 2: The 1961 New York Yankees jersey beat the 1938 Atlanta (Boston) Braves jersey.

Day 3: The 1983 Baltimore Orioles jersey beat the 1972 Oakland A's jersey.

Day 4: The 1923 Boston Red Sox jersey beat the 2004 Toronto Blue Jays jersey.

Day 5: The 1962 San Francisco Giants jersey beat the 2014 Chicago Cubs jersey.

And please remember that the "somewhat famous" original watercolour paintings of these and almost 2000 other MLB/NFL/NHL/US college football jerseys/uniforms are available for sale at Heritage Sports Art. Yes these beautifully framed pieces are pricey, but you are buying one-of-a-kind original art - there is only one painting of each jersey and when it's sold, it's sold.

But most important - remember to VOTE HERE in today's MLB Jersey Madness matchup.

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