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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Heritage Uniforms and Jerseys goes Technorati


I get a little smarter every day, or at least that's the hope! As I learn more and more about electronic marketing, the more fun it gets - my hope is that after another month or two the pieces will all begin to mesh together and that I will be able to take the tangle of information that I have accumulated and create order out of chaos.

What I learned today relates to a thing called Technorati - Technorati is a very powerful and well respected blog that summarizes and catalogues blogs from around the world - almost 1.5 million blogs!

In order for my blog to be registered with Technorati, I have to embed a code in a recent blog posting, and here it is in all its glory: 9HYQ2S3X25B4 . Now that wasn't too hard?!? We'll see where this takes us. In the meantime, forgive me for boring you to tears with this blog posting.

So here's a tidbit to make this posting Heritage Uniform oriented:

In my very first posting on this blog I wrote about Charles A. Coleman's remarkable three volume set "The Trail of the Stanley Cup". It seems Mr. Coleman feels that the Detroit Red Wings franchise changed their name from the Cougars to the Falcons at the beginning of the 1929-30 season, yet everywhere else in the entire internet, including the official sites of the NHL and the Detroit Red Wings, they say that the team changed from Cougars to Falcons prior to the start of the 1930-31 season. Care to offer your opinion on which is right?

I will do the research over the next several weeks and get back to you.

I can't help but feel Mr. Coleman has it right...

Thanks -
Scott Sillcox

PS This invisible info is for the folks from Digg:

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