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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Detroit Red Wings Trivia Challenge #1

Hi All!

People ask me all the time for trivia challenges for their favorite team, so I decided to learn how to do this - initially using an app from a company called "Wildfire" who designed a trivia app for use with Facebook. Although I have reproduced the questions below, if you want to answer the questions and see how many you get right, you'll need to take the quiz in Facebook or on Wildfire's trivia site.

The first quiz I have done happens to be the Detroit Red Wings - why the Red Wings? I'm not 100% sure - it just came to me.

If you would like to take the quiz and see your score, please visit:

The Trivia Quiz in Facebook
The Trivia Quiz on Wildfire's "Microsite"

As always, feedback is welcome and please share with Red Wings fans! More Trivia Quizzes to follow.


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Here are the questions:

1. When they first entered the NHL in 1926-27, the Red Wings were known as the Detroit Cougars. Why?
A. Detroit’s MLB team was the Tigers, their NFL team the Lions, so Cougars were a natural third team name.
B. Detroit had been the home of a popular minor league hockey team known as the Cougars.
C. When the Western Hockey League closed its doors, the Victoria (British Columbia) Cougars moved east to become the Detroit Cougars.
D. The Detroit Free Press ran a contest and Cougars was the most popular team name capturing 34% of the votes.

2. Prior to becoming known as the Red Wings in 1932-33, the team was known as:
A. Detroit Cougars
B. Windsor Cougars
C. Detroit Panthers
D. Detroit Falcons

3. In the franchise’s first season, 1926-27, the team played its home games in what arena:
A. University of Detroit’s Trumball Arena
B. Border Cities Arena in Windsor, ON
C. Palace of the Fans in Birmingham, MI
D. The Detroit Olympia

4. The Detroit Red Wings franchise first made an appearance in the Stanley Cup Finals in what season:
A. 1927-28
B. 1933-34
C. 1935-36
D. 1942-43

5. The Franchise’s first team captain was:
A. Carson Cooper
B. George Hay
C. Reg Noble
D. Art Duncan

6. When Detroit entered the NHL in 1926-27, how many teams wore two-color uniforms?
A. One – Detroit
B. Two – Detroit and Toronto
C. Three – Detroit, Toronto and Chicago
D. Four – Detroit, Toronto, Chicago, Montreal Maroons

7. What is the origin of the Red Wings’ winged wheel logo?
A. Team owner james E. Norris once played for the Montreal AAA hockey team, whose nickname and logo was the winged wheel.
B. The winged wheel pays tribute to Detroit’s already longstanding position as the center of the US auto industry.
C. The winged wheel was the logo of a highly popular minor hockey league team in Detroit.
D. The Norris family chose 7 possible team logos and the readers of the Detroit Free Press decided on their favorite logo – 26% chose the winged wheel.

8. How many of the Red Wings’ 11 Stanley Cup Championships were won with final series sweeps?
A. Two cups were won in final series sweeps
B. Three cups were won in final series sweeps
C. Four cups were won in final series sweeps
D. Five cups were won in final series sweeps

9. The Wings played their final game at the Detroit Olympia on December 15, 1979, but when was the Olympia actually demolished?
A. September 1980
B. September 1984
C. September 1987
D. September 1990

10. How many jersey numbers have the Red Wings officially retired (this does not include those jerseys whose numbers are merely out of circulation):
A. Four
B. Five
C. Six
D. Seven

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