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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The greatest, most unique NFL gift ever


I try to be careful about using my blog as a pure forum for promoting things I am involved in, so with that in mind allow me to tell a quick story and why I truly feel that Heritage Sports Art is selling one of the greatest, attractive and one-of-a-kind NFL gifts ever. A big statement I realize.

When I say “the greatest NFL gift ever”, I mean a Christmas present, anniversary gift, a major birthday present (for instance a 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday), a graduation gift, a wedding gift, a present for a major accomplishment. It could even be a gift to yourself or your spouse for your home or office.

What we are selling are original watercolor paintings of NFL team uniforms like the ones shown below:

– we have more than 400 pieces of original NFL art original art including originals for every one of the 32 NFL teams. In addition to being really attractive, beautiful art, this art is actually “somewhat famous” and that makes it even more of a story. What do I mean by “somewhat famous”? What I mean is that this art was used in a huge family of products that celebrates the evolution of team uniforms – plaqued posters, framed posters, clocks, fridge magnets, coffee mugs, mousepads, playing cards and more – and as such each piece of art has been seen on tens of thousands (in some cases hundreds of thousands) of uniform evolution products that are currently hanging and used in homes and offices right across North America.

So if you are following along, what Heritage Sports Art is selling is the actual, original, watercolor art used in the manufacture of these various products. When you buy the 1934 New York Giants uniform artwork, for instance, there is only one painting of the Giants’ 1934 uniform in the entire collection and when you buy it, no one else can own that particular piece of uniform artwork. In fact, we only have 16 pieces of Giants uniform artwork in total, and you would own one of them! The same goes for the original artwork of the 1997 Denver Broncos – it’s one of only 13 pieces of Broncos art in the collection. Or the 1960 New England Patriots – it’s one of just 15 Patriots’ uniforms that we painted. And so on for each of the 400 original paintings in the NFL collection – each piece of art is absolutely one-of-a-kind, unique and somewhat famous.

(By the way, I also have a two minute video on You Tube that tells the "Greatest NFL gift ever" story and shows you what the NFL uniform artwork looks like all by itself, and what it looks like framed. Check it out!)

We frame the original art in really attractive manner. Included in the frame is an engraved plate that tells the story of the art, as well as a uniform evolution poster for that team which shows how that particular original piece of art was used in that team’s uniform evolution poster. This really makes for a very attractive framed piece and we are continually delighted to hear from people who have bought one from us and when they take delivery of it, they call or email us almost immediately and tell us how it is even more attractive and even more appealing than they had thought when they bought it online. And remember, every purchase comes with a 30 day, no-questions-asked, money back guarantee so if you are not 100% completely satisfied and delighted, ship it back to us and we will cheerfully refund your payment.

Please have a close look at the NFL art at Heritage Sports Art – I sincerely believe you will be buying an instant family heirloom, a framed piece of art so nice that you’ll find yourself sneaking downstairs late at night to have another look, This is save-the-family-photo-album-and-then-this-framed-piece-of-art-from-a-fire nice. I don’t like doing a hard sell, it’s not in my nature, but we only have a handful of pieces of original art for each team, so the sooner you act, the more choice you have.

Thank you for reading and being a fan! And if you ever have any questions, call me at 416-315-4736 or email me at – I’m a real person and I’d love to tell you everything I can about this great art.


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