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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Hey Atlanta Braves Fans - Vote for your favorite Braves throwback uniform

Greeting Braves fans!

We're having a little fun and would love your help!

We are doing a poll over the next six months and asking fans which of 12 Braves uniforms they would most like to see used as the basis the the next "Throwback Uniform" worn by the Atlanta Braves. When we're done we will make the results public and share them with the powers that be at MLB and Majestic (the jersey guys).

To take part, just click on your favorite uniform below - you can select up to three uniforms. Then hit "Vote" at the bottom and you're done!

And if you like this, please share the poll with your friends by emailing them this page's url (!

Just a quick word about the images used in the poll - The actual original watercolor paintings shown in this poll are the same images used in the well-known Braves poster shown below,

and these actual original paintings - not reproductions, the originals - are available for sale in a beautiful framed format from Heritage Sports Art. These framed pieces would make an incredible, one-of-a-kind gift for a huge Braves’ fan.

Thank you for being a Braves fan and thanks for voting!

As always, feedback is welcome and encouraged.

Scott Sillcox

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