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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms


Just the quickest of blogs to let you know that I have recently loaded all the Arizona Diamondbacks uniform images, four images in total, to Flickr and to our Heritage Sports Art site.

Flickr: You can see all the Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms here.

Heritage Sports Art: You can see all the Arizona Diamondbacks uniforms here.

These are highly detailed, original watercolor paintings, created to celebrate the history of the jerseys of the MLB Arizona Diamondbacks franchise. Each of these four original paintings, and more than 1500 other MLB, NFL, NHL, NCAA football and CFL uniform paintings, is available for sale at our Heritage Sports Art Arizona Diamondbacks web page.

Each original painting can be purchased in one of two formats - unframed and Classic Framed - but it appears that almost all of our customers seem to prefer the Framed version as shown below (please click on the image below to see a detailed image - in this case the original 1998 Arizona Diamondbacks uniform watercolor painting):

Many thanks for being a fan and as always, please let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks -
Scott Sillcox

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