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Monday, August 23, 2010

Montreal Canadiens - Franchise, Team, Arena and Uniform History

Almost all of the actual original watercolor paintings used in this poster are available for sale – see Section 5 of this blog.

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1. Montreal Canadiens – The Franchise History
This franchise was established (by established we mean the year of the franchise’s first game) in 1910. The franchise has always been known as the Montreal Canadiens.
- Played in the NHA 1910-1917
- Joined the NHL as a founding member in 1917

2. Montreal Canadiens – Championships/Great Accomplishments
Twenty Four Stanley Cup Championships:
1915-16 defeated Portland Rosebuds 3 games to 2
1923-24 defeated Calgary Tigers 2 games to 0
1929-30 defeated Boston Bruins 2 games to 0
1930-31 defeated Chicago Blackhawks 3 games to 2
1943-44 defeated Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 0
1945-46 defeated Boston Bruins 4 games to 1
1952-53 defeated Boston Bruins 4 games to 1
1955-56 defeated Detroit Red Wings 4 games to 1
1956-57 defeated Boston Bruins 4 games to 1
1957-58 defeated Boston Bruins 4 games to 2
1958-59 defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 4 games to 1
1959-60 defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 4 games to 0
1964-65 defeated Toronto Maple Leafs 4 games to 3
1965-66 defeated Detroit Red Wings 4 games to 2
1967-68 defeated St. Louis Blues 4 games to 0
1968-69 defeated St. Louis Blues 4 games to 0
1970-71 defeated Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 3
1972-73 defeated Chicago Blackhawks 4 games to 2
1975-76 defeated Philadelphia Flyers 4 games to 0
1976-77 defeated Boston Bruins 4 games to 0
1977-78 defeated Boston Bruins 4 games to 2
1978-79 defeated New York Rangers 4 games to 1
1985-86 defeated Calgary Flames 4 games to 1
1992-93 defeated Los Angeles Kings 4 games to 1

3. Montreal Canadiens – Home Arena History
The Canadiens have played in the following home arenas:
1. Jubilee Rink, Montreal
1910 and 1918-19

2. Westmount Arena, Montreal
1911 – 1917

3. Mont Royal Arena, Montreal
1920 – 1925

4. Montreal Forum, Montreal
1924 and 1926 – 1996

Circa 1928

Circa 1949

Circa 1969

5. Molson Centre / Bell Centre, Montreal
1996 - Present

4. For more information on the Canadiens, you should visit/bookmark these great websites:

A. I personally think Wikipedia keeps getting better and better with each passing year – here is the Canadiens Wikipedia site:

B. For a great season-by-season summary of each Canadiens season:

C. These guys do a great job of team (and player) stats for all active and defunct franchises

D. For some good info about arenas past, present and future, visit this site (and don’t be fooled by the their name – even though it is ballparks dot com, they do a good job on hockey arenas too):

E. For great stats on past and present players and prospects, these guys do an amazing job:

5. Celebrate the Canadiens' jersey history by owning a famous piece of jersey artwork:
If you love the Montreal Canadiens and the history of the Canadiens franchise, you might really love to own an original piece of artwork celebrating the team's historic jerseys as seen in the poster at the top of this blog - you can actually own one of those original pieces of art! There are only 17 pieces of original art available for sale, and when these 17 are sold, that's it, they're all sold out.

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2. Framed in our "Classic" framed version (the middle version)
3. Framed in our "Deluxe" framed version (the version on the right)

If you would like more information about this great artwork including the three ways you could purchase each piece, please visit our Montreal Canadiens YouTube video at or go directly to the artwork website where you can see and purchase the artwork.

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6. The original pen and ink drawings of the arenas shown above are also for sale.
Please note that the actual original, highly detailed, hand-drawn pen and ink sketches used for the 7 arena images shown above are available for sale as a complete collection to one Canadiens fan. If you are interested in being the one and only owner of this complete and original collection of Montreal Canadiens arena images, please contact me by email and I can explain how they can all be framed in one beautiful piece.

This text was written by Scott Sillcox and was last updated August 23, 2010. I have tried to ensure the accuracy of the information, but I am human and can make mistakes. If you believe I have made a mistake, please let me know by email at !

Many thanks!!!

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