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Thursday, August 19, 2010

San Francisco 49ers Franchise History - A Fan's Essentials

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1. San Francisco 49ers – The Team Name
This franchise was established in 1946 as one of the founding members of the All American Football Conference (AAFC). The franchise was accepted into the NFL for the 1950 season. The franchise has always beens known as the San Francisco 49ers.

2. San Francisco 49ers – The Championship Record
Five Super Bowl Championships:
Super Bowl XVI January 24, 1982 San Francisco 26, Cincinnati 21
Super Bowl XIX January 20, 1985 San Francisco 38, Miami 16
Super Bowl XXIII January 22, 1989 San Francisco 20, Cincinnati 16
Super Bowl XXIV January 28, 1990 San Francisco 55, Denver 10
Super Bowl XXIX January 29, 1995 San Francisco 49, San Diego 26

3. San Francisco 49ers – Home Stadium History
1. Kezar Stadium, San Francisco
2. Candlestick Park / 3Com Park / Monster Park, San Francisco
1971- 2013
3. Levi's Stadium, San Francisco

4. For more information on the 49ers, you should bookmark these four great websites:

For a huge amount of great historic player and team information:

For a great summary of the 49ers' year by year standings:

For great information about the team's stadiums (don't be fooled by the fact that the website is called "", it also has great information on football stadiums):

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And please search my blog archive for other blogs on the history of the 49ers.

This blog was written by Scott Sillcox and was last updated August 19, 2010. I have tried to ensure the accuracy of the information, but I am human and can make mistakes. If you believe I have made a mistake, please let me know by email at !

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  1. The 1994 throwback uniforms of the 49ers were the 1955 uniform, not '57. They only wore whose drop shadow numbered jerseys that one year. They had a red helmet from '53 through '55 with a top front to back gold stripe. The 49er players did not want to wear another set of helmets painted red for 1994, opting to wear their usual gold helmets.
    The next year, 1956, the 49ers wore solid white helmets with white pants with a red stripe, similar to what they wore the first year of their existence in 1946, except the red wasn't scarlet in '46: they wore Santa Clara University's old uniforms, therefore the cardinal red color (like Stanford). The 49ers went back to that cardinal red starting in 1996 and about a decade after that, finally returning to scarlet in the mid-2000's.
    In 1957 the 49ers finally wore both a solid, no stripes helmet with gold pants, with no stripes on the pants, and no TV numbers yet. The familiar three stripes of the jersey were also on the long socks/hose since the 1950 season. In 1958 tv numbers showed up on the shirts. 1957 was also the first year of the white away jersey, with two red strips and a gold stripe in the middle on the shirt sleeve, and white hose with the same pattern. In 1958 a solid red shoulder loop stripe was on the white away shirt, and solid red stripes for away games. In 1959 the colors changed somewhat: platinum gold pants and helmet, looking more like silver than the old gold worn previously. But the 49ers had worn gray pants other years in the late 40's and early 50's, ironically. The white jersey changed too: double red shoulder loop stripes, worn through the 1963 season. 1960 and '61 saw red Northwestern stripes added to the helmet. 1962 saw the two red and one stripe added to the helmet, along with the SF logo. In 1964 the 49ers returned to old gold helmets and pants, added the two red/one stripe combo to the pants, and that's the uniform they've worn more or less throughout the years since, with wider pants stripes (ugly, very ugly) from 1978 to 1993. There's been other minor changes since 1995, but the uniform now, except for the fact that the TV numbers are now up on the shoulder pads, and the sleeves are virtually gone, is very similar to the 1964 uniform (except the logo has changed a bit too).

    1. I meant to type solid red socks for the 1958 season for away games, with the three white stripes on the red socks for home games, and that's weird. Check a photo of Joe Perry running with the ball against the LA Rams that season in Great Running Backs of the NFL for proof!


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